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Because Multiple Accounts app is basically cloning your entire Android operating system to run copies of your apps, it can appear as a security risk or "malware" to some common anti-virus apps and software. The good news is that this is a false positive!

We've worked with most major anti-virus providers to ensure that Multiple Accounts app is added to their list of safe apps, which in turn prevents it from being flagged as a virus or malware in the future.

If your anti-virus provider is indicating that the Multiple Accounts app is a virus, please reach out to Support and let us know! We'll work with that provider directly to correct the user for you and all other users of that anti-virus service.

If you still have concerns, don't worry! We're verified by Google Play Protect as a secure app and uphold the highest security and privacy standards. You can rest assured that the Multiple Accounts app is safe to use and will never have an adverse effect on your device.

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