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1. How do I clone Whatsapp using Multiple Accounts?

    Click the + in Multiple Accounts and select the WhatsApp. After WhatsApp is added, its icon will appear in Multiple Accounts. You can then tap the new icon to launch the cloned app, and proceed to access your second account.  
    Helpful Tips: If you want to add a home screen shortcut for your new cloned WhatsApp, long-press the icon in Multiple Accounts and select ‘Desktop’. We recommend making your second WhatsApp account before creating and launching the cloned WhatsApp, this helps avoid any account verification issues that might arise from using a cloned version.  

2. How to backup my cloned Whatsapp chat history?


    a. WhatsApp has great instructions about how to backup your Chats or Export them. See the detailed guide here: 

 3. How do I restore my WhatsApp chat history?


    a. Check out WhatsApp’s guide on restoring chat history here: and follow the instructions for transferring your WhatsApp data to a new phone.  

    Keep in mind that your cloned WhatsApp is completely separate from your device’s main operating system, so you may not be able to use functions that cross between different apps, such as restoring chat history from Google Drive. 
4. Where I could find my cloned Whatsapp backup data?


    The cloned Whatsapp backup data should be stored at the same external storage that you set for the original Whatsapp. 
5.  Whatsapp not opening Please send us an email to ​​ with a brief description of the problem you encountered. Our team will do our best to help. 
6.  After I upgraded WhatsApp, my cloned WhatsApp won’t work anymore Our technical team is working on integrating the newest whatsapp version. Please send us an email to ​​. Our team will do our best to help. 


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