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There are two possibilities for why you are not receiving message notifications.

  • First Reason:

    • The Multiple Accounts app doesn’t have the necessary message notification permissions. When these permissions aren’t enabled, the cloned app running in the background does receive the notification, but because it’s in the background it depends on Multiple Accounts to pass that notification along to you and Multiple Accounts can’t show you that notification without these permissions.

    • Recommendation: Luckily, this is an easy fix! Just navigate to your device’s Settings menu, select App Permissions, find the Multiple Accounts App and grant it all notification-related permissions.

  • Second Reason:

    • The second possible reason is that when a cloned application is running in the background, and you don’t use or access it for a period of time, your device’s operating system may reclaim it to save memory and processing power. Normally this is a great thing to do, so you don’t have unused apps running in the background slowing down your device, but it does prevent those apps from receiving notifications.

    • Recommendation: If Multiple Accounts has all of the appropriate permissions and you’re still not receiving notifications, you may need to turn off the power saving policy in your device’s settings and grant Multiple Accounts permission to start automatically.

    • This will prevent your device from closing cloned apps running in the background to save battery, and if they are closed this allows Multiple Accounts to reopen them for you and continue receiving notifications.

If you've tried both of these recommendations and still aren't receiving notifications from your cloned app, please contact us with the details and we'll work with you to troubleshoot and try to solve the problem!

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