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The Secret Zone and App Lock features allow you to lock your cloned apps with a pin, or hide them in a secure part of your device's memory, but these features require an active VIP Membership.

What's different between them? App Lock lets you secure existing cloned apps in Multiple Accounts with a PIN code. Secret Zone is a PIN-secured area of Multiple Accounts where you can add any number of apps to clone - this allows you to secure them and hide them from other users on your device!

● If you're not a VIP yet, you can enable a VIP Membership and gain access to these features at any time by tapping the VIP crown in the top-right corner and enrolling.

If you're already a VIP Member, you can follow these steps to set up and enjoy the App Lock feature:

1. Tap the lock icon in the top-right corner of Multiple Accounts

2. Set a PIN and email address

3. Return to the home screen and click the Lock icon in the top-right

4. Enter your new PIN

5. Select an app to Lock (or Unlock / Remove Lock).

○ Apps in the "Lock" section with the blue highlighted Lock icon are currently Locked.

○ Apps in the Unlock section with the dim/grey unlocked icon do not have Lock applied. Tap an app in this section to lock it.

6. Return to the Multiple Accounts home screen. Tap the app you just added the Lock to, and confirm that before it launches you will be required to enter your PIN!

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