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1. To add a cloned app, tap the '+' button and choose it from the list to add it to Multiple Accounts.

● If you're not able to find the app you're looking for in this list, make sure that app, Multiple Accounts, and your Android and device's system are all up-to-date. Force close all apps on your phone and reopen Multiple Accounts to try again.

● If this doesn't work and the app you're looking for still doesn't show up in the list, it may not be supported by Multiple Accounts yet. Check out our guide on Unsupported Apps

2. That app's icon will appear inside Multiple Accounts, tap on it to open the cloned app. From there, it's up to you to create a new account and proceed!

● The process and requirements to create an account are set by that app's developer - Multiple Accounts cannot override these requirements or make an account on your behalf.

● If you have questions, concerns, or need help making a new account in an app you're cloning, you will need to reach out to that app's developer directly for assistance.

○ For example, if you need help making another WhatsApp account, you'll need to contact WhatsApp's Support channel.

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