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If you have an active VIP Membership and aren't able to clone an unlimited number of apps, use the Secret Zone, or are seeing ads, there are a few things you can try to correct the issue:

  1. Ensure that you've registered an account in Google Play and that you're logged in. Multiple Accounts app relies on the information from Google Play to remember you and save your VIP Membership status.

  2. Use that account to log in to Google Play on any device before accessing Multiple Accounts to enable your VIP Membership on that device.

  3. If you have used Multiple Accounts before you logged in to Google Play, signing in to Google Play may not correct the problem. In this case, you'll want to remove Multiple Accounts app, sign in to Google Play, and then reinstall Multiple Accounts.

NOTE: Keep in mind that your account, and your VIP Benefits, can only be active on one device at one time! You will need to ensure you're signed in to Google Play first, before Multiple Accounts, every time you switch to a new device, or remote and reinstall the app. If you've switched devices recently or reinstalled Multiple Accounts before logging in to Google Play, you may not be logged in as a VIP Member. If you can verify that you're logged in correctly and the issue is still persisting, please contact support and provide the following information:

  • Android ID(Find your ID inside Multiple Accounts app by going to Menu >Settings > About)

  • Your GPA Order Number, which can be found in the email from Google Play when you made the purchase, starting with the letter 'GPA'

    • If you no longer have your email receipt from Google Play, you can also find your GPA Order Number in your Google Wallet. Check out these instructions from Google on how to find it.


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