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When apps are added to Multiple Accounts as a clone, the cloned apps automatically inherit the most recent update from the primary version of that app on your phone, but occasionally they become out-of-sync.

If this happens, here's a quick fix:

● Long-press the app icon inside Multiple Accounts and tap 'One Key Repair'.

○ This should bring the apps back into sync, ensuring that the cloned version inside Multiple Accounts receives the most current update from that app's developer.

Ensure that the primary copy of the app on your phone is fully up-to-date before doing so!

Clone Related Apps

Additionally, if the 'Please Update' message you're seeing is related to a helper app (Example: You're being asked to update Facebook when opening a game app) adding that app to Multiple Accounts alongside the existing cloned app may help.

To correct issues with apps requesting updates to Facebook, Google, or Google Play

● Use the + function to add the desired app to Multiple Accounts

● Choose a placement for your clone alongside the app you want to use it with

● Log into that clone with your desired account info

● Relaunch the app that was previously asking you to update Facebook/Google/etc

With the related/helper app also in the cloned space, you should stop seeing the 'Please Update' message when opening your other apps. If this doesn't help, please contact Support so we can assist you further!

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