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The Secret Zone and App Lock features allow you to lock your cloned apps with a pin, or hide them in a secure part of your device's memory, but these features require an active VIP Membership.

● If you're not a VIP yet, you can enable a VIP Membership and gain access to these features at any time by tapping the VIP crown in the top-right corner and enrolling.

If you're already a VIP Member, you can follow these steps to set up and enjoy the Secret Zone feature:

1. Tap the lock icon in the top-right corner of Multiple Accounts

2. Set a PIN and email address

3. Return to the home screen and navigate to 'Settings'

4. Tap 'Secret Zone' in Settings to enable the feature, the slider will turn green when Secret Zone is on

5. Return to the home screen, tap the Secret Zone icon to enter

6. Enter the PIN you just made to open Secret Zone

7. Once inside the Secret Zone, tap the '+' and select an app to add here.

1. If this is the first time you've used Secret Zone, you'll see an introduction screen

2. Otherwise you'll see a standard screen

8. The app icon will appear in the Secret Zone, tap it to begin!

You may need to log in to your existing account when the new copy of your cloned app launches in Secret Zone.

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